Wawanesa Wordings – Prairie Home

Wawanesa Wordings - Prairie Home

Policy Wordings

CUO Liability Restriction Designated Unit

 CUO Limited Waiver of Deductible

 Deletion of Hail Coverage Vacation Trailers

Farm Condominium Section 1 Property

Farm Condominium Section II Liability

 Forest and Prairie Fire Fighting Expense Coverage

 Identity Fraud Expense

 Overland Water Coverage

 Personal Articles Coverage Form

 Personal Cyber Coverage

Service Line Coverage

 Short Term Rental Endorsement

 Statutory Conditions Manitoba

Statutory Conditions Saskatchewan

Theft Mysterious Disappearance Exclusion

Tools Coverage

 YPI English Web Version with Bookmarks

Boat and Motor Coverage

Claims Free Protection

Condominium Actual Cash Value

 Condominium and Tenant Limited Sewer Backup

Condominium and Tenant Overland Water

Condominium Building Bylaws Coverage

 Condominium Comprehensive Policy

 Condominium Special Limits Enhancements

Condominium Vacancy Permit

Tenants Policy Center Master Index

Habitation Policy Center Master Index

Condominium Policy Center Master Index